What are you using your Pi for?


Let’s start this thread by detailing what my RPi setup is like. I currently have a Raspberry Pi 2 that is running pihole for network-wide ad blocking. I’m always surprise at how much is internet traffic is blocked every day, some expect and others unexpected.

Don’t know about pihole? Read up about it here.


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Yeah, Pi-Hole is great.

I’m still surprised as well. Such a good software to block all the ads and not only for blocking ads, but also for blocking ‘calling home’ devices. I have one device here which is ‘calling home’ every 30 seconds …
All the network is going through the Pi-Hole. If you use a VPN server you can even block the ads for other devices like an iPhone.

I have a raspberry 2 which I’m using for the Arch Linux | ARM server. I added a bit more for my server. Maybe one day we will share another image with the other software included.

One Raspberry Pi 3 is running LibreELEC.

Most used plugin:

  • VPN Manager for OpenVPN
    Automatically connection by start of another plugin. That’s good for geo blocking for example.

Test Pi
Another Raspberry Pi 3 is for testing and for motionEye.

That’s it I guess.

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