Monthly Server Update - April`19

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Server Update



We changed the AUR-Helper a few days ago.

The following command installs pikaur, deletes yay, and performs a server update.

yay -S pikaur --noconfirm && sudo pacman -Rsn yay --noconfirm && pikaur -Syu --noconfirm



After the update you’ll need to click some buttons for FressRSS:

  1. Go to your FreshRSS – Website (
  2. Click on the “check-button” on the left
  3. Go down and select “Keep previous configuration”
  4. and then “Complete installation”

(It may take a while (about 3 minutes – pi2) until the website is reachable again).


There is nothing else to do.

See you in a month and happy easter.



PwOSS – Image changes:

We changed the AUR-Helper a few days ago.







Already Downgraded:

PwOSS – Image:

Download the Raspberry Pi – Image at

and follow the Guideline.