December `18


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Server Update

sudo pacman -Syu && yay -Syu

We offer a “new” image. The installation of the Seafile server has been changed. We added more dependencies.

Stop the Seafile server

sudo systemctl stop seafile.service && sudo systemctl stop seahub.service


sudo pacman -S fuse2 libarchive vala libevent libldap libmariadbclient python2-chardet python2-dateutil python2-django python-flup python2-gunicorn python2-memcached python2-openpyxl python2-pillow python2-pytz python2-qrcode python2-requests python2-requests-oauthlib python2-six mysql-python --noconfirm


yay -S libevhtp-seafile libsearpc python2-cas python2-django-compressor python2-django-constance python2-django-picklefield python2-django-post-office python2-django-rest-framework python2-django-simple-captcha python2-django-statici18n python2-django-webpack-loader python2-django-pylibmc python2-wsgidav-seafile libselinux

Just reinstall everything.

Start the Seafile server

sudo systemctl start seafile.service && sudo systemctl start seahub.service

python2-urllib3 still needs to be downgraded for Seahub.

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