Big brother is watching: Requesting the data you've left online


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You will be surprised, maybe even scared, when you realise how much of your personal data is in other people’s hands. Bruce Munro requested all the information held on him.

The biggest challenge, after the initial shock, is working out how to live well in this unprivate, digital age, he writes.

It arrived in four “dumps”.

One after another, in mid-afternoon, late in the week. Four packets of data, dropped into my email inbox. Each containing about 2GB of data, courtesy of Google. I had made the application 48 hours previous.

It was a simple process. Click “download your data”, leave all 44 Google product selection options turned on and hit “create archive”. That was it.

Who knew you could politely ask the likes of Google, Facebook, credit ratings companies, Police, the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service …

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