Australia's Encryption-Busting Law Could Impact Global Privacy


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Australia's parliament passed controversial legislation on Thursday that will allow the country's intelligence and law enforcement agencies to demand access to end-to-end encrypted digital communications. This means that Australian authorities will be able to compel tech companies like Facebook and Apple to make backdoors in their secure messaging platforms, including WhatsApp and iMessage. Cryptographers and privacy advocates—who have long been staunch opponents of encryption backdoors on public safety and human rights grounds—warn that the legislation poses serious risks, and will have real consequences that reverberate far beyond the land down under.

For months, the bill has faced criticism that it is overly broad, vaguely worded, and potentially dangerous. The tech industry, after all, is global; if Australia compels a company to weaken its product security for law enforcement, that backdoor will exist ...

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This doesn’t come to me as a surprise knowing that Australia is quite well-known for being one of the worst offenders for data privacy breaches. :disappointed_relieved:

I’m quite interested in seeing how this change will affect organisations and the services that they offer here in Australia.