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Welcome to the PwOSS - Community. In this Forum you’ll find some information about the privacy issues of your devices and how to solve it. – Open Source Software Should be the most used software in this community (Pw…

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All News - Updates, www-News … Maybe they’ll some important news listed in some other categories too. New updates Google, Facebook & Co. Big Data Tracking etc.

Manjaro - [Stable Update] 2019-02-19 - Kernels, KDE, LibreOffice, Systemd, VirtualBox, Deepin, Qt, Firmwares, Wine [Linux] (1)
February `19 [PwOSS] (1)
Pacnew: Keep your config files up to date – February `19 [PwOSS] (1)
If you're using Pi-Hole with Arch [PwOSS] (1)
January `19 - New Software *Update-2 [PwOSS] (1)
!Downgrade! – Seafile Server (Internal Server Error - couldn't load libraries) - *UPDATE - 14.02.19 [PwOSS] (1)
Doomsday Docker security hole uncovered [News] (1)
Manjaro - [Stable Update] 2019-02-09 - Kernels, Deepin, Firefox, Wine, Python, Haskell [Linux] (1)
Malicious image file is all it takes for a hacker to compromise your Android phone [Android] (1)
Hackers Are Passing Around a Megaleak of 2.2 Billion Records [News] (1)
Manjaro - [Stable Update] 2019-01-23 - *Important notice [Linux] (1)
Manjaro - [Stable Update] 2019-01-19 - Security update to Systemd v239 series [Linux] (3)
Windows 10 Mobile End of Support [News] (1)
MariaDB v10.3.12-2 is ready [Linux] (1)
Manjaro - [Stable Update] 2019-01-17 [Linux] (1)
Huawei users, do not install january security patch [Android] (1)
Pacnew: Keep your config files up to date - January `19 [PwOSS] (1)
If you’re using raspiBackup with Arch [PwOSS] (1)
Linux systemd Affected by Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities [Linux] (1)
German politicians’ personal data leaked online [News] (1)
We’re all Just Starting to Realize the Power of Personal Data [News] (1)
Big brother is watching: Requesting the data you've left online [News] (1)
December `18 [PwOSS] (2)
Australia's Encryption-Busting Law Could Impact Global Privacy [News] (2)
LineageOS drops support for multiple devices due to inactive maintainers [Android] (1)
Android - New Email Client (FairEmail) [Android] (1)
November `18 [PwOSS] (1)
Seafile Server 6.3.4 for Raspberry Pi is ready! 14.10.2018 [PwOSS] (1)